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    Multiplexed 16ch ADC performance ideas



      I am looking to sample 16 inputs using the ADC and my PSoC5. I am looking for the most efficient and the fastest way to do this. 


      My current attempt is not working well - I tried to use an ADC_SAR_Seq block with 16 inputs. I am getting some values that are vaguely relevant but the performance is really really bad. 


      What I actually need is to sample different channels at different points in my main loop. Some need a Moving Average filter, some are fine as single sample. So I think I will need to implement a component based solution, i.e. a separate MUX and ADC.


      Signal wise: 


      0-5v input


      <10Hz sampling frequency required.


      Performance improvements:


      Decoupling RC on each pin - high frequency noise removal.  


      As I know from Step1 to Step2 what the next channel that  needs sampling is, I can preset the MUX and allow it to settle. 


      I can introduce a generic LPF between the MUX and ADC ( not sure how well this would work) using the highest frequency acceptable for my signals. 


      Do I need a PGA after the MUX, before the filter? Could probably use a unity gain amp there.  




      Thank you very much! 






      Do you have any suggestions how to best implement this?