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    I2C unimplemented on ARM M3?

      I am interested in using I2C to communicate to a peripheral, however when I look in Wiced/Platform/common/ARM_Cortex_M3/STM32F1xx/stm32f1xx_platform.c, the I2C functions are essentially unimplemented.  I am using the Murata SN8200 which has an STM32F103 processor and SDK version 2.4.0.


      Are the I2C functions implemented for the ARM M3 in 2.4.1 or 3.0, or should I implement them myself?


      *Edit*  Looking again, it seems that the STM32F2xx (also ARM Cortex M3) does have I2C implemented.  How reasonable is it to assume I could get it working on STM32F103 by copy pasting that code and simply changing the GPIO ports it associates with SCL and SDA?