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    Character LCD module can't be dedicated to any port except P2

      Hi, everyone!


      I'm just getting familiar with PSoC 5LP architecture and faced with some difficulties during implementation of character LCD.


      It is stated in datsheet that output bus of CharLCD module can be dedicated to any port.


      I'm using 16x2 HD44780 compatible LCD. It works properly only at P2. When connected to any other port LCD stays blank.  But I need to use display at P0(6:0). LCD was connected in the following order(works good):


      P2.0 - Data 0


      P2.1 - Data 1


      P2.2 - Data 2


      P2.3 - Data 3


      P2.4 - Enable


      P2.5 - RegSelect


      P2.6 - Read/Write


      Desirable connection I tried (this one was not successful):


      P0.0 - Data 0


      P0.1 - Data 1


      P0.2 - Data 2


      P0.3 - Data 3


      P0.4 - Enable


      P0.5 - RegSelect


      P0.6 - Read/Write


      Of course, I change CharLCD dedicated port and make a build each time I connect the display to new pins. Also it can not be a firmware (code problem) "coz same situation happens even with a tutorial projects.


      What is the matter?




      Some further info: my evaluation board is CY8CKIT-059 with CY5888LT1-LP079. Character LCD module version is 2.1