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    Is controlling an home outlet or device connected to the outlet possible with the Pioneer Kit

      I have the Pioneer 4 dev Kit (CY8CKIT-044)


      And i am working on a project for work using similar setup and thought about how i could use it at home. I have a need to be able to turn off or kill the power to an outlet based on sound. Since we are using a 2 relay module for out project, i was trying to find out if i could do the same thing for myself.


      This is the relay we are using and wanted to see if it would work for my project.




      What im trying to accomplish is the following:


      Turn off /kill power to a 240v outlet in my garage if sound is detected during certain hours of the day/night. I have an air compressor that is connected and requires the user to flip the switch to kick on the motor to fill the tank(automatic when left on and being used) being that the human factor comes into play, it has happened(not often) that i use it all day and forget to turn it off, since the motor only comes on when the tank is low, of course you dont know its on until its to late. So what happens is if left on, and the tank runs low, it will kick on to refill and in some cases will trigger the safety valve which then releases the air, so then the motor continues to run all night long..


      So far i havent gotten any complaints, but rather not. So as a back up to me forgetting, i want to setup something to monitor the compressor and kill the power if the motor kicks on. I already have a sound detector board i picked up from sparkfun(https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12642) and have created a project in the past to detect sound.


      So basically between the hours of say 10pm and 9am, if sound is detected (within a certain range) kill the power to the compressor, if not with the sound detector, maybe something to sense vibrations that i can adhere to the motor itself so i know its on and it wasnt just something else.


      And the power would need to stay off during the time, maybe even go without a sensor and just kill power to it daily between those hours.


      Im open to suggestions, and modules/devices i could use to accomplish this project.