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    HELP in handling UART Rx interrupt and One wire component



      In one of my project while programing Psoc4 device , I am facing issue with the UART Rx interrupt.


      In UART component I have set the size of the UART Rx and Tx buffer to 64. hence i will have to access only the internal Rx interupt (I have selected the Rx FIFO level =7 in the check box selection).


      A sample code snippet which wasnt even working is mentioned below . Please let me know where am i wrong


      void UartIntHandler(void);


      int main()
          /* Place your initialization/startup code here (e.g. MyInst_Start()) */


          SER_Init();     // Intialize Seial port// Start the SCB UART
          SER_Start();    // Enabling the UART //




      void UartIntHandler(void)
          char UART_DATA;
          if ((SER_GetRxInterruptSourceMasked() & SER_INTR_RX_FIFO_LEVEL) != 0)
              UART_DATA =SER_UartGetChar();




       Also I would like to have an code example of one wire component