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    Solar powered PSoC 4




      I am new to PSoC 4 , but have a handful of projects on PSoC 3. I want to use CY8CKIT-042 with a solar panel. Application  is simple gross counting of pulses. How should I start? Also is there anything done already with this?





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          What exactly do you want to perform? Charging a battery when there is light enough and living on that saved energy 365/24


          Or just running your Pioneer kit when there is light (which will be difficult at the power-up time)?


          Afaik there is a PSoC1 project with the technical background for charging batteries with solar panels. Just type "solar charger" (with quotes!!) into the keyword search field at top of this page,





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            Am not looking forward to charge the battery, just that it should work when the light is enough and fall back to power-on-board when its dark.  Still looking for the feasibility of this idea.


            Thanks for the reference Bob