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    Automatic recognition of video resolution and frame rate

      Now I'm using a FPGA instead of a camera sensor before CYUSB3014. The video resolutions and frame rates in my design are not fixed and not set via the software application like AMCAP, and I want to modify the hardware in the application to enable the software application like AMCAP to recognize the video resolutions and frame rates and display the video as it is.


      The problem I have is that AMCAP can only display the video of fixed resolution and frame rate. When I change the video input to another resolution, I need to change the property of Output Size and Frame Rate in the video capture pin of AMCAP to display the video. I've modify the descriptors. Have I neglected some point in the video probe/commit operation or sth else?


      For example, my video input are 1080p @25/30/50/60fps, 720p @25/30/50/60fps.


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      Cycad Hsu