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    Difference between UART_UartInit  and  UART_BCP_Init?

      Using a PSOC4 Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-042) I see uart activity on J4.2 (P0_5) only when initialized via:


      UART_Start();   UART_UartPutString("Hello\r\n");


      but not when initialized via:


      UART_BCP_Start(); UART_BCP_SpiUartPutArray("Hello\r\n", strnlen("Hello\r\n", 6)) 
      The hardware SCB design is the same in both cases (.cysch file and .cydwr), so the only difference is the software uart initialization files used (UART_BCP_UART.c vs UART_UART.c).


      Why does only the non-BCP work?