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    GPFI II question




      I am modifying continuous input GPIF II Designer project to continuous output,


      but I have a problem with building output state machine. I have two messages like:


      'Thread number' in action 'DR_DATA' of state- 'TH_RD_LD' need to be same as of action 'DR_DATA0' in state- 'TH0_RD'.


      (Screenshot attached)


      GPIF II Designer project is also attached.


      Thank you,



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          Madhu Lakshmipathy



          It is due to the limitation with the GPIF II Designer. We recommend you to add a wait state (which waits for clock cycle) between TH1_RD and TH0_RD_LD states.


          Have transition from TH1_RD to wait state with equation as "DATA_CNT_HIT" and have transition from WAIT to TH0_RD_LD state with equation as "LOGIC_ONE".




          -Madhu Sudhan

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            Hi Madhu!


            Thank you for your answer! I can not wait one more circle. Could I circumvent this limitation in this way?


            I've found a very simple model for continuous input and I've changed it to output.


            Please see attached project. I've built C header output two times: one for Thread0 and one for Thread1.


            Then I've found only one bit difference in state machine array outputs. This model has only 3 states and


            it is simple to try to change bits in C header manually. Will this bad way be successful?