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    CY7C65215 - I2C does not work



      I've configured the chip to 2x I2C Master, but can not send any data out. When I change the chip configuration to UART, everything works fine, I can see the transmission at the outputs and the notification LED blinks at this time. But in I2C mode there is nothing and the notification LED comes on for around 10s. When I start the application, for the first couple of requests UsbdStatusString() returns


      and the outEndpoint.LastError returns 997. Then the following requests return

      state=UNKNOWN status=UNKNOWN

      and the LastError is still 997.


      Application is the same, all I change is the mode of the chip (using Cypress USB-Serial Configuration Utility). I have already changed the chip, but with no success. I2C outputs are not connected to anything, there are only pull-ups (2k2) on SCL and SDA lines (28,29,5,6).


      Below is the configuration of the chip:

      <ENDPOINT>  Type="BULK"  Direction="OUT"  Address="01h"  Attributes="02h"  MaxPktSize="64"  DescriptorType="5"  DescriptorLength="7"  Interval="0" </ENDPOINT> <ENDPOINT>  Type="BULK"  Direction="IN"  Address="82h"  Attributes="02h"  MaxPktSize="64"  DescriptorType="5"  DescriptorLength="7"  Interval="0" </ENDPOINT> <ENDPOINT>  Type="INTERRUPT"  Direction="IN"  Address="83h"  Attributes="03h"  MaxPktSize="64"  DescriptorType="5"  DescriptorLength="7"  Interval="10" </ENDPOINT>

      Is anyone able to help me? Best regards, LUK