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    Building USB analyzer. Need help understanding FX3 superspeed explorer kit capabilities.





      I am trying to build a USB analyzer device, that will hear from a host and that is able to see everything that is going on at the USB line, or at least, get the most out of it with a FX3 explorer kit.




      The API is very complete and extensive, but I would like to know if it is possible for the CYUSB3014 to know and indicate that bad packets have arrived, such as malformed packets, and what is wrong with their construction. I see that one can implement callback functions for certain events, but I don't see any CyU3PUsbEventType_t event flag that can be used for this case. 




      Also, is it possible to observe each packet information, such as the PID, ADDR, CRC, etc? as far as I know, I can only extract the data from a handshake packet and extract the data reading requests and received data.




      Thank you,