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    Read Characteristic in CLIENT from SERVER


      Hi, i have two nodes, one of them, as a SERVER (Pripheral) an other as CLIENT (CENTRAL),  in the SERVER, i update some sensor datas with:








      And i want to read this values in the CLIENT, the connect is succesfully, but i have some problems when i read the data. The connection it is OK, later  discover the GATT client in the server, and when is Discovered:




      I read the value with:


      range.endHandle = 0x0030;
                      uuid.uuid16 = address;


                      readByTypeReqParam.range = range;
                      readByTypeReqParam.uuid = uuid;
                      readByTypeReqParam.uuidFormat = 0x01;
                      apiResult = CyBle_GattcReadUsingCharacteristicUuid(connHandle, &readByTypeReqParam);




      Later i read the value with:


              readResponse = *(CYBLE_GATTC_READ_RSP_PARAM_T *) eventParam;




      All OK, but if i want to extract this code in a function, it doesn´t work it return to me: apiResult = CyBle_GattcReadUsingCharacteristicUuid(connHandle, &readByTypeReqParam);


      Anyone know where it is the problem?




      Thanks for all