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    File not found error / include path / unnecessary error marks






      I have a PSoC Creator Workspace with several projects. There are no dependancies between the projects, but they use common functions, etc collected into header files.


      Those headers are located in the workspace root directory, one level above the project directory. The files are added to each projects header collection (Project-> Add existing item...), and the compiler custom search path is set to "${ProjectDir}\..\".


      This enables the project to be build correctly, but the problem is that the code editor still complains that the file could not be found (error mark on the line with the #include statement). Also right-clicking on the statement and selecting "go to definition / declaration" doesn't work.


      This is also true for the automatically generated files (e.g. project.h) as well as the symbols defined in headers, etc.




      Is this a bug or do I have some wrong settings? For me, this behaviour is really annoying.