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    PSoC 5LP Board Bringup

      Hi All,


      Not sure where to post this, but hoping someone can give me some pointers on bring up a custom PCB using the PSoC 5LP chip.


      I created a breadboard prototype using: 




      The design worked great, following the design for this board I used Altium Designer to create a small PCB board.


      What I am seeing now is when I apply 5V to the board the power supply hits the current limiter at 3Amps.  My first thought was a short in the design somewhere but doing a continuity check only shows 800ohms between VCC and Ground. (So it should not be drawing 3 Amps. I'm wondering if the PSoC chip is actively shorting VCC and Gnd after it is powered on.)


      Note, all voltages for the PSoC 5LP chip are connected to the 5V input.


      I've removed everything except capacitors and resistors from the board.  


      Any ideas?


      One option would be to use a small addon board to the design that only has the PSoC 5LP chip and supporting caps.  I need something smaller than the prototyping kit mentioned above, but if one is available please send  a link. (Something about the size of a quarter dollar coin with about 5-10 output lines would be ideal.)


      thanks much for your time reading this and any information.