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    Using HDMI in Cypress PSOC 4



      Is it possible to interface to HDMI in PSOC 4 ??


      I have a CY8CKIT-049-42XX kit, is it possible to connect this to a HDMI transmitter chip that can in turn connect to a TV  ??


      The project I am working on, needs a device that can be connected to a HDMI/VGA based projector, the projector would be used to display text and graphics. I know some PIC based projects that use VGA are there, but I am not sure how good the quality of the images would be like.


      The other option I have (which I am trying to avoid) is a using a small computer like a beaglbone or raspberry..


      I have seen some Android based HDMI dongles, but since the project is intended for use in a industrial environment I am not sure how the device would operate ....