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    raw pld

              Hi everybody. say, I want to use a single PLD "as is": connect signals to it's 12 inputs, and route out it's 4 outputs. and I want to read and write this PLD's registers. how can I do this? I understand, that I need to create component, which will synthese in a single PLD. that will give me a location of this PLD... but I want also to connect in and out signals, keeping bit order, if possible.   
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          All you want can be done with VeriLog. In your Creator installation you find


          A Component Author Guide


          and Warp Verilog Reference Guide


          In Verilog you just describe your in- and outputs and define the equations.





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                    ender11, AFAIK the only (official) access to PLL is through Verilog, which will heavily optimize placement, there no guarantee it will eventually reside in a single PLL. Once compiled (sinthesized), there no ways to change/reprogram Verilog component operational behavior at run-time.   
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                      no, that will not work. I thinking about initializing UDB via registers in software, but connecting signals will be rather difficult task... or, may be, if you are serious about verilog implementation, you can tell me how to instantinate a single PLD and assign signals to it?   
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                Why are you fixed to a single PLD? There are some within the PSoC, two within an UDB. You can write to the inputs using register access or with signals. As Odissey stated, noe of the UDBs, PLDs or SCBs are (easily) re-programmable at run-time, but of course are re-programmable at design-time.


                If you are a bit more specific or if you can give us an example we could be of more help for you. Read in the manuals I suggested.





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                          why not "ajust" components in runtime? "psoc3 registers TRM" states that you can write to PLD's CFG registers, altering product terms config bits and or terms config bits. so, we can switch PLD in desired configuration, but fitter connects signals in twisted order.. the idea was to use PSOC feature of RAM configurable PLD and step beyond the abilities of the conventional CPLD. more in focus: emulating keypad matrix. "rows" inputs are fed into PLD inputs, PLD outputs gives you "columns" with "keys pressed". software only modifies PLD configuration, minimizing input-to-output delay.   
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                    OK, ender11. Try it.





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                              it will be no wonder if cypress has undocumented names for PLDs, like those for DPs...