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    PSOCCreator 3.3 does not program or compiler correctly.



      PSOC Creator Versions: 3.3 & 3.2


      Prototype Kit: CY8CKIT-049-42XX (Processor Type- CY8C4245-AXI483)


      I hav been using PSOC Creator 3.2 for some time now, and have no problems with it, the projects created and compiled with this work OK. However I downloaded PSOCCreator 3.3 just yesterday, and now I find that the projects that were working on PSOC Creator 3.2 do not work when compiled and programmed with the 3.3 version.


      The projects compile correctly, no errors are reported, also the target prototype kit is programmed correctly by the bootloader host, however the prototype kit I am using does not work expected, in fact it does not work at all, it seems the processor is not powering up correctly, and the pins appear to be floating. But the same program while compiled and programmed in 3.2 version works correctly.


      Please advise what is wrong. I have also attached the workspace that I was referring to above.