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    PSoC 4 BLE communication lag (delay)


      We are developing a prototype a game controller with the PSoC 4 BLE, but we experience a lot of lag or improper input state.


      Actually this started already at the first days of experimenting with the dev kit about 3/4 month's ago.
      We are trying to make a simple game controller, but so far it has issues with communication. From 1 out of 15 states it has a delay in going from a state to no-state. Like user is making a several combinations and suddenly stops doing anything the last input sometimes 'hangs' for 3-5 seconds (lag).
      The point here is 'sometimes', but it happens too often to make a product out of it.


      We tried several BT stacks on MacOS, Windows using different manufactures of BT hardware, but it all has the same lag.


      Our input analysis software shows this lag happening.


      We have experienced this with all development PSoC creator versions since 4 month's ago. And also tried several devkits and modules.


      Also the Day040_BLE_Game_Controller example provided by Cypress via Github has these issues.


      We wonder what other people experience regarding lag? And how do we fix this?