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    Matching of FX3 SuperSpeed Explorer Kit Pins  and CYUSB3014 EZ USB FX3 pins??


      Dear Professionals,


      give me a help:


      how to match  FX3 SuperSpeed Explorer Kit Pins to CYUSB3014 EZ USB FX3 chip pins??


      for example: i write a firmware with use of GPIO Pin number 50 of CYUSB3014,


      how can I figure out which is the pin GPIO50 in FX3 SuperSpeed Explorer Kit ???




      I checked all the available documentation and I found nothing :(




      Is there a cross reference table ? : pin of CYUSB3014 vs pin of SuperSpeed Explorer Kit ??


      Thanks in advance,


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          Dear prji.glitch_1505996,


          First of all thanks for your reply -but we need general information (for all PINs mappings, not just for a certain one).


          DS: Data sheet of what ?? -hundreds of datasheets..


          We expect to get such as information in  C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\SuperSpeed Explorer Kit\1.0\Documentation.


          In this folder there are 4 files:


          -CYUSB3014 EZ USB FX3 datasheet.pdf: knows nothing about Explorer Kit as it is a datasheet of  CYUSB3014 chip,


          -SuperSpeed Explorer Kit Quick Start Guide.pdf: nothing related,


          -SuperSpeed Explorer Kit Release Notes.pdf: nothing related,


          -SuperSpeed Explorer Kit User Guide.pdf: 4.4 GPIF II Connector part (page #48), there is a pin description of rectangular connectors BUT this is using pin names THAT PRINTED on the PCB, NOT the PIN NAMES OF CYUSB3014 chip (WHAT WE USE TO FIRMWARE program development).


          So, where is the datasheet of such a pin mapping? (Eval board pin names vs chip pin names)??


          Another useful folder:


          C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\SuperSpeed Explorer Kit\1.0\Hardware


          In SuperSpeed Explorer Kit Schematic.pdf, page #5, there is a schematic of  explorer Kit vs Fx chip pins.


          E.g. there is a information, that D1 (D1 pin of chip) -- I2S_CLK (I2S_CLK pin printed on eval board):


          BUT: how to know that which GPIO ## is the D1 pin ??


          (the only way what I know to use another document CYUSB3014 EZ USB FX3 datasheet.pdf the map D1 to GPIO50: page #32-34: Table 16. pin list: Pin description).




          Do you understand my problem?: we have to use two documents to map pin written of pcb and pin of chip.




          This is why I asked: is there a direct table?




          Thanks in advance,


          Best Regards,