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    Psoc4 Capsense storing settings to flash





      I'm having problems saving settings to the flash after manual runtime tuning. Psoc4 Capsense design guideline says following ->


      Note After finishing the manual tuning, you should change the tuning method in the Component configuration form
      “Manual with run-time tuning” to “Manual”. The “Manual” option stores the tuning parameters in flash and these
      cannot be changed during run-time.


      After I have powered off/on the device, the old settings appear.


      Does anybody know when exactly the settings are stored to the flash and what is the exact procedure?


      I'm using Psoc Creator 3.1 SP2.





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          Hello Kari,


          Can you attach the project here? Are you facing the same problem in latest version of PSoC Creator 3.3?


          Can you please create the technical support case in Cypress.com website. To create the technical support case, please go to Cypress.com-> Design support -> Create a support case ->  and create the technical support case.




          Ramesh B