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    Regarding low Power USB2.0 Hub controller CY7C6563156LTXI





      Greetings of the Day!!!




      I am Dinesh Katkar, I would like to share my product block diagram,where I have selected Cypress chip CY7C6563156LTXI for USB hub.I would like to request you to provide the support for the same.


      I have selected USB upstream port as 10118192-0001LF Micro-USB connector and USB downstream 4 ports as below..


      1. 2 ports of hub for Dual USB connector-61400826021


      2.one port of hub for USB to ethernet controller chip-(LAN9500IABZJ) 


      3.one port of hub for thermocouple reading through USB to SPI converter...


      I am bit confused with USB upstream port Micro-USB connector ? Can we use MicroUSB connector to connect this with RPi model B and will do controlling through Raspberry board.


      Also I found reference design for USB2.0 hub ,where I found 2 VBUS power switches MIC2026-2YM from micrel.Is it necessary?


       Looking forward for your positive response regarding support for Micro-USB connector selection as USB upstream port and 2 VBUS power switch requirements and suggest me if any modifications is required in my end product...


      kindly see the attached block diagram for the reference....


      Thanks and Warm Regards,


      Dinesh katkar