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    Reconfiguring UART to GPIO

      Hi guys,


      I'm using the CYBL10563 and I'm wondering if it is possible to change the UART Tx/Rx pin to digital pins? What I wanted to do exactly was

      • Enable UART. 
      • When the device goes to sleep, disable UART and configure Tx as an output and Rx as an input.
      • Read a pulse on Rx to wakeup.
      • Once awake from sleep mode, re-enable the UART.

      Is it possible do this and switch between these two modes for the pins? 


      Any ideas would be great!



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          The re-definition of pin's drive mode can be made with the pin's APIs, but to cut and re-enable the hw-connection is not as easy. You have a choice to "Enable wakeup from Deep Sleep Mode" when configuring the UART. Doesn't that do what you want to perform?





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            Unfortunately not. The PSOC device is used a touch detect IC on my board. It uses UART to notify the Main processor that a touch has occurred. When the device is in power down, the psoc needs to set a latch on receiving a touch. But because the Tx signal stays high I need to reconfigure the pin to a digital output driven low. This way it can keep the other device powered off until it receives a touch and it then goes high to power up the other device.


            I only have the UART lines connected to the device so I've no other choice at the moment but to reconfigure the UART to a GPIO.