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    emFILE not linking


      Hi all,




      I'm pretty sure I have an issue with my emFILE libraries not linking in my project.  I used the example that comes with creator and followed the datasheet here http://www.cypress.com/file/135136/download  or rather the most up to date version of the emFILE datasheet (if that is not it).




      I get the error that either the gcc or arm mdk libraries (i've tried both) are not found (the .a or .lib file).  I have put the file and directory in the compiler>general, as well as the file and directory in the linker>general.




      I know that when I was linking the CMSIS libraries before I had to add a "-lm" to the command line option in the linker, is ther a similar thing I must add here? I have tried "-lm" but it just caused other errors as well as library not found.




      any help would be appreciated as I am stumped.