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    PSoC5LP P.K. USB Bulk Example + Windows10 [SOLVED]


      Hi all,


      First time testing USB example projects, i did test the USB_UART and it seems working. Today i test the Bulk Wraparound example, adapt it t run on the PSoC5LP Prototyping Kit, and it build successfully (i changed operating voltage to 5V, as the kit have not on-board regulator, also changed the voltages on the System part inside the .cydwr).


      I did follow the steps marked on the schematic, and also follow this video:




      I found .inf file on this path:  {InstallationPath}\Cypress\Cypress USB-Serial Driver\DriverBinary\Vendor_Driver\bin\Win81\x64


      When i plug the Kit via on-board USB, the pc see it, but with a warning "No controllers installed", so i search the .inf file, and i get this error:


      "Windows couldn't find the controller software for the device"


      i guess it's because the .inf file i edit was on the Win8.1 subdirectory of the Cypress Suite USB installation path, or because the .inf file says 3 (usb3.0?), or maybe i'm missing something else.


      I did copy both .inf and .sys files into my project directory as the video stated.


      Has anyone test this example on Windows10? Any idea on what change must be done to get this running properly?


      Project attached with .inf and .sys files