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    For Wi-Fi connection on STA and AP mode simultaneously



      we are considering to use STA and AP mode at the same time, For example, My WICED device in STA mode is connected with an external Wi-Fi AP, and also my Laptop’s Wi-Fi client is connected to the WICED device in AP mode of Wi-Fi, please see the below.


        * My Laptop (Wi-Fi Client) <-- Connected ---> WICED AP / STA <-- Connected ---> External Wi-Fi


      First time those connection flow are working fine, but when My Laptop (Wi-Fi Client) disconnect and try to connect it again, and then the connection between My Laptop (Wi-Fi Client)  and WICED AP did not available as following.


        * My Laptop (Wi-Fi Client) <-- Did not connect ---> WICED AP / STA <-- Connected ---> External Wi-Fi


      But if I try to use a new laptop on this follow and then the connection between them is etablished well, but if I try to disconnect and try it again and then the same issue were happened, so in order to establish a hew connection between them I have to use an anther laptop.


      Would you please help me on this circumstance?


      I'm using the WICED version to WICED-SDK-2.4.1, and in the WICED-SDK-2.4.0 version the issue did not happen although some of Wi-Fi features are not stable.

      Thank you


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