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    Micropython on PROC BLE


      Been using Micropython on the Raspberry Pi.


      More ARM chips are now running Micropython.


      Recently Micropython has been ported to the BBC Microbit.


      Any plan to do likewise for the Cypress Bluetooth parts?


      PRoC modules would be first obvious target!!!


      It would be harder to do the PSoC BLE because of the programmable hardware?


      An Arduino like library made from Creator?


      The Spansion ARM Cortex M4's would also be nice in the ARM mbed environment.


      I don't see Cypress in the mbed vendor list.


      I can see the BBC Microbit turning the embedded micro world upside down like the Raspberry Pi is doing to the low cost PC and Linux market.


      BBC Microchip and Bearlabs are going to do wonders for the Nordic BLE chip and Freescale.


      Cypress BLE Smartbit for USA/RoW school kids?


      Recompile Designer/Creator to run on my Raspberry Pi's?


      A bit too big an ask? Next year?