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    WICED+ boards????


      This looks like a separate board for using with iOS? Can't the same WICED board be used with iOS?  I am sure it must be using the same radio....any hardware differences??


      -Gitesh Kulkarni

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          WICED+ board (also called BCM9WCDPLUS114 or WICED Bridge board) is targeted for customers evaluating the Bluetooth SmartBridge feature of WICED which enables WICED to 'bridge' Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Think of BLE Internet Gateway.


          This evaluation board includes two modules:

          1. Wi-Fi module based on BCM43362 WLAN chip + STM32F2 MCU

          2. Bluetooth module based on BCM20702 Bluetooth chip


          Apple-related libraries for WICED such as Bonjour, iAP, etc are available for MFi licencees through the MFi portal.

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            Thanks gerdiman for the clarification.