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    Matrix keypad component

      hello community,


      I downloaded the adjustable matrix keyboard developed by Bob Marlowe, thanks to that.


      heres the link:http://www.cypress.com/forum/psoc-community-components/component-creation-part-1


      There i used the "PortComponent2:


      After updating all components, the errors showed by creator were gone. But now comes the problem:


      I adjusted the keybaord to a 4x4 matrix and attached a LCD  and a to my PSoC 5lp 059,


      If I press key 1 on my keypad, nothing happens, the other ones are doing fine, except that the last row is showing the same keys as the third row.
      My keypad looks like:



      I ajdusted the translation table in main.c to a 4x4 matrix. Now like described: key 1 nothing happens and for example key 0, i get an 8 like the row above.


      Do I have to change something else in the code?


      Thanks in advance,