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    Eclipse not storing project changes

      I am having a problem with Eclipse, ok EZUsb Suite if you want, storing project changes. On Ubuntu, I created a workspace in my home directory and imported with copy example projects from the FX3 SDK. They compile and run.


      However, when I open a project's preferences, and navigate to C/C++ Build -> Settings -> Cross ARM C Compiler -> Includes and add paths, while it works, when I close Eclipse the settings are lost at the next run of Eclipse.


      Permissions seem ok on the .metadata tree. There is nothing in the log saying there was a problem. No dialogs pop, etc. It just silently looses settings.


      I need to know:

      1. Has Eclipse been modified to not store the values?
      3. What is the path to the file that holds the Includes and Warnings settings?
      5. Is there an explicit way to tell Eclipse to store project settings?
      7. Is there a way to enable more logging to diagnose the problem?