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    USB 2.0 to SPI bridge with manchester encoding




      I hope i am right here with my posted topic. What i found so far in this forum told me that my following project should be feasible.


      In short:


      I get some data from a device which only can provide it on an USB 2.0 communication channel. But i need this data to be at the end of the system in an unidirectional stream which additionally will be manchester encoded before putting it into a transmitter unit. 


      Host USB 2.0 <-> USB 2.0 PSoC3/5 ->SPI -> XOR gate -> manchester encoded data


      Is it possible to combine these interfaces in the pictured order? Of course the USB driver of my USB host and the PSoC should match. In combination with AN2281 and AN2358 for manchester encoding and decoding the SPI output, i should be able to get the desired communication. The received data rate from the host is about 2-5Mbit/s.


      Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.