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    Keypad project for the PSoC 3


      I recently went looking for a matrix keypad project for the PSoC 3, for some inspiration.
      Basically, I need to drive either a 2x2 matrix or a 4 key common bus keypad...
      After Googling around for a while, I found this:



      To put it short... Does anyone know if it's compatible with Psoc Creator v.3.2?

      A longer version goes: I tried it, but it didn't work. I then downgraded to Psoc Creator v.2.1,
      but got the Keil license error, which I suspect might have been brought on by the downgrade,
      but I'm not sure.

      So, has anyone had any luck with this project?
      Or could someone perhaps recommend a similar (matrix or common bus) keypad project for
      the PSoC 3?


      Thanks in advance.


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          Have a look here!




          Happy coding



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            Dear Sir: I downloaded the Keyboard example program and set it for  PSOC 5lp PsoC Creator 3.3 after I open the project I discovered that the library devices where out of date and that would need to be fixed the other issue was the program was written in Russian and would need to be translated to English.  So I think you should make your own Keyboard decoder.  Back in the early days of computers they didn't have keyboards and you had to design your own.  Basically you need a scanner on the columns and a multi input exclusive or gate to detect the key closures and a and gate to detect the row data  an interrupt circuit to detect the key closures . 
            I think you can find this on the internet., I am sending you a picture of one.

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              Hello again.
              Thanks for your replies.

              The keypad needed in my project is a four key (one row, four columns) keypad.
              So i opted for a common bus type, which seems simpler in its nature than the
              matrix type.

              I found this project http://www.cypress.com/file/67396/download which
              describes the procedure for implementing a common bus keypad on the
              PSoC 1.

              I have ported the project to the PSoC 3 with some succes, but I am having
              trouble with the timer which is quite different on the PSoC 3.
              Furthermore, I have uncommented the LCD specific lines (since I am not
              using one).
              I have added some lines that write to the UART in order to monitor the
              programs progression.
              From what I am able to gather (using PSoC Creator's debug function)
              the program never gets past the first IF statement in line 72, which
              confirms my suspicion regarding the timer implementation.


              If someone has any suggestions on how to properly implement/port
              the timer, it would be much appreciated
              Any comments code would also be much appreciated!


              PS.: I have added the program bundle.

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                Any suggestions?
                I am a bit stuck, so would be much appreciated.


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                  You do not use your Timer_1 as a timer and your Timerint() function is not an interrupt function. You do not wait for an ADC conversion ready and I really cannot follow how you are reading your keypad. Anything that hinders you to use 4 pins for the 4 keys???


                  Your code looks like you try to port a PSoC1 design to PSoC3, to do that you have to know both worlds, PSoC1 and 3.


                  So it might be easier for you to start anew with a PSoC3 Project. Which development kit have you got? CY8CKIT-030 ??


                  There are plenty of example projects for that kit, so you may concentrate on your problem.