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    Pseudo Random Sequnce (PRS) and sleep/hibernate/deep sleep

      I'm trying to establish the lowest power level (ie, hibernate/sleep/deep sleep) to which I can take the 4200 and still recover my PRS state information at wakeup..   the datasheet talks about PRS_sleep/wakeup, but its not clear about are any restrictions, caveats, etc. concerning level of sleep and the effects of recovery after a reset coming back up from some of the lower power sleep states (ie, deep sleep)...


      I'd like to put the device into the lowest power mode possible and still recover the PRS state.. as I don't want the PRS to reinit each time.. the repetition would be very obvious to the user and bad for the product :)..


      The device is likely to stay idle for very long periods -- weeks/months, between activity periods where it will be used for a few hours and then put away again..