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    Data writing onto on-board Serial Flash using spi(Wiced-Wifi)



      We are using WICED-WIFI BCM943362WCD4.

      We are trying to write data onto serial flash available in evaluation board.

      We tried using example code snip.spi_flash_read.

      We could read data but not able write any data onto memory using wiced_spi_transfer() calls.

      We could read the value of serial flash status register by entering the command 0x05h and it is giving right value(default 0x1E).

      we tried to modify the value of serial flash status register  to 0x02 by giving command  0x01, data  0x02.

      But after writing, when we try to read the register, it gives the value 0x00.

      Are we missing anything.?

      Does wiced_spi_transfer API takes care of enabling and disabling of CE of serial flash?