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    Cannot connect to Mac Mini


      I bought an i5 2.5 Mac Mini for testing my HID device (which works on PC, IOS and Android) but it cant find the device when scanning.


      The Mac will connect to any other BLE device such as my desktop which has a Bluetooth 4 dongle, so must be BLE capable.


      It also cant find any of the example projects I have tested using the BLE pioneer kit, such as HID mouse, keyboard etc.


      My son has a Macbook which does work with these devices.


      Cant figure out whats going on with the Mac Mini. Does anyone have a Mac Mini working with the pioneer board projects? 

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          Turns out the Mac is connecting to the desktop via Bluetooth 3 not 4. So the problem is, the Mac Mini is not supporting Bluetooth 4.0


          This is a 2013 unit and 4.0 was supposed to be implemented in 2011. The usual test for 4.0 support (checking LMP version is 6) indicates it does support 4, but it simply does not.


          It seems Apple have been sending out incorrect info on this. Although this is now out of warranty I might start to make some noises in the direction of the official Apple dealer I bought it from.

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            Is Bluetooth 4 compatible with Bluetooth LE? Afaik is the BLE a Bluetooth 3 version, but different specs.