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    New EEPROM API (3.0)




      I think I've got a problem with the new EEPROM 3.0 API. I used the old EEPROM API in other projects without problems:

      For writing a Byte I used:     EEPROM_ByteWrite(someByte , 0x00,0x02);          for reading a Byte I used:        someByte  =  CY_GET_REG8(CYDEV_EE_BASE + 0x02);

      That worked well and everything was good.


      Now I tried to use the new API:

      For writing a Byte I'm using:    EEPROM_WriteByte(someByte ,3);  for reading a Byte I'm using:        someByte = EEPROM_ReadByte(3);

      Sometimes this works, sometimes not...


      Do I use the new EERPOM API correct? Is that correct to not use the CYDEV_EE_BASE anymore? By the way, I'm using also I2C in my Project, I have no problem with that until I'm using the EEPROM.  Or are there any timing issues between I2C and EEPROM access?


      thanks a  lot