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    PSoC4 Bootloadable Component


      Hi All


      I am working in a direction of programming my PSoC4 prototyping kit through its USB using the bootloadable component instead of Miniprog3. I went through the procedure defined in the document and successfully programmed it using USB.


      The procedure is:


      1. Put a bootloadable component in schematic.


      2. Go in its configuration and click the "Dependencies" Tab.


      3. There is a UART_Bootloader.hex and a UART_Bootloader.elf file given by Cypress. Set these files as dependencies.


      4. Build the program.


      5. Place the USB part of Prototype kit in PC while pressing the Reset switch. Verify the proper placement when the kit LED starts blinking at 500ms interval.


      6. Go to Tools->Bootloader Host.


      7. Give the path of file projectname.cyacd as projectname.cydsn->Cortex-M0->ARM_GCC_493->Debug


      8. Select the COM port.


      9. Set UART baudrate as 115200.


      10. Click "Program".


      I am having an issue with this method. After programming, the PSoC4 works well according to requirement. But after a few power resets, it starts blinking LED at 500ms interval which is not as per my code. When I studied that UART_Bootloader code, I came to know that there is a PWM component in it that generates 1Hz pulse. What I understood from that code is that when we properly place the kit in USB of PC, the blinking LED indicates successful placement. So I guess the PSoC4 gets confused between two hex files to execute: 1. UART_Bootloader.hex 2. projectname.hex and sometimes it runs the UART_Bootloader.hex.


      Is anybody else facing the same issue? If anyone knows the solution for this, please guide me. I want to put a habit to use this bootloadable component for programming.




      Thanks and Regards