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    GCC ARM Linker definition include cycodeshareexport.ld

      Where can I find the file cycodeshareexport.ld?


      This file is included by the top level linker definition file Generated_Source/PSoC4/cm0gcc.ld (generated by cydsfit.exe).


      cycodeshareimport.ld is also included but is also found in the generated source directory.


      Where, oh where, has cycodeshareexport.ld gone?


      It is not to be found in any of the Cypress installations either. Heavens to Betsy!

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          I am able to see the cycodeshareexport.ld file when I open a sample project and build it in PSoC Creator 3.3.
          It is located inside [project].cydsn\Generated_Source\PSoC4


          Which PSoC Creator are you using? 

          JOBIN GT

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            PSoC Creator 3.3.


            I found that when cydsfit.exe is run from within the IDE the cycodeshareexport.ld is there.


            Note that both cycodeshareexport.ld and cycodeshareimport.ld are files with only white space. What are these files intended for?


            When run with the same parameters, based on the output window contents, executing within the codegentemp/ sub-driectory, the cycodeshareexport.ld file is missing.


            So why bother with the command line? So that the firmware is built whenever code is checked in and the automated unit tests are run. This should be common practice for any project which expects to succeed. PSoC is making this practice rather difficult.


            Documentation for cydsfit.exe, it's dependencies and output files is almmost non-existent.