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    Data logger emFile



      I'm starting with development on PSOC and I'm interfacing a UART camera with CY8CKIT-059 and save the picture on a microSD, but when I try to save the picture I note that the function to write on the microSD is slow, cause not all data are writen on the SD. For example, the picture has a size of 25kb, but the file that I save has 10 kb. When I open the file on a hexadecimal editor I can see that lack many strings.


      I add the code of the function, if is needed that I upload the project tell me.




      pFile = FS_FOpen(titulo, "w");




      My UART buffer has a size of 15 bytes, and the baud of the camera is 38400 andhe frequency on the emFile is 4000 kHz. My alar_idle is a boolean that show me if the transmission has finished, cause when I tried check the last two bytes of the transmission the result not ever was appropriate. I've tried write with FS_Write, but it was worse.


      I hope someone could help me.




      -I've attached the project.
      -Other problem that I had but I've solved making another routines was that I only could use the "strstr" function only once time. When start the system, but when I try to use it for take a picture, it not work.