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    CY8C5868AXI-LP035 detailed data sheets




      We are trying to avoid the topdesign in PSOC creator and want to develop the program based on .c code only.


      I tried to look into the files that are generated in the project after building it. Each block has its own .c , .h and _PM.c files . 


      For example if we use a PWM, we get  PWM.c , PWM.h and PWM_PM.c files.


      Each of these block comes with its own PDF file but the API's in that files are very few and doesn't cover the instructions used in these .c , .h and _PM.c files.


      To understand the instructions used in these files does cypress provides any extra documentation? 

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          There is even more to understand: There are UDBs (Universal Digital Blocks) that are programmed using a HDL (Hardware definition Language) making up the components you find in the component catalog. This (and some more) are the task of the CyFitter-program.


          I can assure you, every hour you spend on thinking how to avoid the schematic entry is wasted.