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    PSoC 5LP Digital Filter block 2 complement


      Hi Everybody,


      Why does the Digital Filter block works in 2 complements If the filter does not deal with negative values?


      In the examples they write the following code line:


          /* Convert the 2's complement value to an unsigned 8-bit value
           * The VDAC expects an unsigned 8-bit value as input.


      VDAC8_SetValue(Filter_Read8(Filter_CHANNEL_A) + 128u);




      What mechanism of conversion is that? Since I know digital electronic I've never heard about converting 2 complements in this way. For me, the binary should be inverted ( the 0s become 1s and the 1s become 0s) and then summed by 1.


      How can I convert a non 2 complement's number to a 2 complement's number in PSoC 5LP?