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      Well, I am a little bit new with my PSoC 4 BLE Kit (CY8CKIT-042-BLE), and the other day I saw that I have in my kit a F-RAM with a memory capacity of 128 KB, and I can access to this memory through I2C lines in the P5[0] and P5[1] of the PSoC 4 Module. This is a very interesting resource and I am willing to use it. I am currently planning to use this module to store great amounts of data bytes using the max velocity of transmision, and in this way I can save the SRAM of the PSoC 4.


      I already read the I2C component datasheet, and I have an idea of how I can store the data on the F-RAM,  I think that is needed to use the following API's :

      • SCB_I2CMasterWriteBuf() 
      • SCB_I2CMasterReadBuf()

      However, I don't understand because this API send a pointer to the slave address, in this case 0x50,  and the number of elements of the buffer (the number of elements of the byte array that I am sending, I think); however,  I don't have a clear of which is the best Transfer Mode.  Furthermore, in the read buffer part I don't understand in which pointer de F-RAM save the data I have written, Would it be the same pointer name of the array that I sent from the PSoC?


      Again, I would thank all your help and advice that you can bring me.



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          MasterWriteBuf() accepts a pointer to the data to be sent to the I2C interface, while MasterReadBuf() accepts the address of the memory area where the data are going to be stored.


          Since the FRam chip needs to know the address where to store and where to read the data to/from the reading is not quite easy.


          There is an example project for the FRam as part of the CY8CKIT-044 software. I would suggest you to install the kit files and use the FRam part for your own purposes.





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            Thank you Bob, I am going to check the sensor hub project :)