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      Well, I am a little bit new with my PSoC 4 BLE Kit (CY8CKIT-042-BLE), and the other day I saw that I have in my kit a F-RAM with a memory capacity of 128 KB, and I can access to this memory through I2C lines in the P5[0] and P5[1] of the PSoC 4 Module. This is a very interesting resource and I am willing to use it. I am currently planning to use this module to store great amounts of data bytes using the max velocity of transmision, and in this way I can save the SRAM of the PSoC 4.


      I already read the I2C component datasheet, and I have an idea of how I can store the data on the F-RAM,  I think that is needed to use the following API's :

      • SCB_I2CMasterWriteBuf() 
      • SCB_I2CMasterReadBuf()

      However, I don't understand because this API send a pointer to the slave address, in this case 0x50,  and the number of elements of the buffer (the number of elements of the byte array that I am sending, I think); however,  I don't have a clear of which is the best Transfer Mode.  Furthermore, in the read buffer part I don't understand in which pointer de F-RAM save the data I have written, Would it be the same pointer name of the array that I sent from the PSoC?


      Again, I would thank all your help and advice that you can bring me.