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    Can't get SAR ADC to work on CY8Ckit-049-42xx


      For some reason,  I cannot get the ADC to work on this project (attached).    I am using miniprog3 for debugging and have a varying DC signal on the input pin to an op-amp.  The op-amp output is internally wired to one input of the SAR ADC.  Program compiles ok, except I get a warning that one of my variables "result" is declared but not used.  I don't understand that-    code is below.  Anyway when debugging, with 0 V input or 5 V input the "result"   is 0x05DB  (or something like that) and changes a little from read to read, but does not reflect input voltage at all. 


      What stupid thing am I doing wrong?




      #include <project.h>


      int main()
          int16 result;
              result = ADC1_GetResult16(0);

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