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    Debugging CY8CKIT-059 with ITM


      Hi all, i don't fully understand this way of printf-like debug technique, but searching on the forum i find this thread(component):




      There´s a example project for PSOC5LP processor, so i change it to match the device on the 5lp prototyping kit, and can´t get nothing out of the P1[3] pin, later i found on the .dwr file that this pin is "blocked" for debug purposes, also this pin is routed to the J5 Program/Debug header, has anyone make this project run on this board? do i must place a digital output pin in the schematic and then assign into the .dwr?


      I think there's nothing to change on the system tab of the .dwr, theres an option for debug select SWD/SWV.


      I will try to get the data from ITM into Sigrok (PulseView) protocol analyzer/decoder software.


      Here´s a post about ITM trace debugging on STM32 processors and sigrok:






      Edit: It works out-of-the-box!!!, the problem was pulseview, i can see all the traces with saleae software :)



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          Hello Carlos,


          P1.3 is a SWV pin which is also TDO pin in JTAG. Hence it shows it as blocked pin. You don't have to place a pin in topDesign and assign it to P1.3. If you enable SWV, it will automatically be assigned. You need to use a MiniProg3 or any other supported device to use this feature.