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    BLE OTA Bootloader

      I am following application note AN97060, and am getting lost when I get to the section on Linker Scripts, specifically for the section dealing with Fixed Stack OTA Bootloader (page 16).  On Step 8, I create a folder LinkerScripts in my Loadable Version UART_to_BLE_Peripheral.


      Step 9 says to access mk.bat through PSOC creator, and I see no suc file referenced.  I can find it via Windows Explorer however and modified it as suggested in step 10.


      In Step 11, I try to execute mk.bat, but get an error which states that LinkerScipts which I had created cannot be located.

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          OK, I was able to repair this but it was all done through Windows explorer.  Have no idea how to deal with this within PSOC creator itself.  It turns out my directory structure was a mess, and in fact I had two Bootloader projects (a demo project I downloaded and one which I created myself) and I was referencing the wrong one within the mk.bat file.  I eliminated the demo project to clean up the structure.  The only question I have is that mk.bat in the scripts folder, and in fact the entire scripts folder, was not generated upon build of the Bootloader Project I created (Is it supposed to be?)  I had to borrow the folder from the discarded project to get the mk.bat file to execute.  How is mk.bat (and scripts folder) generated if not during build?