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    Failed to Get/Set PRoC Dongle's Public/Random BD address after Successful BLE Stack Initial


      Hello Seniors,


      I am trying to talk to the PRoC Dongle in Qt through serial port, get Local Random/Public Bluetooth Device Address of my dongle, calling Cmd_Get_Bluetooth_Device_Address_API by sending a byteArray,


      // 02_Public: Cmd_Get_Bluetooth_Device_Address_Api (Trigger Complete)
      cmdPacket_GetBleDevicePublicAddress[0] = 0x0C
      cmdPacket_GetBleDevicePublicAddress[1] = 0x00
      cmdPacket_GetBleDevicePublicAddress[2] = 0x01; // sizeof(uint8)
      cmdPacket_GetBleDevicePublicAddress[3] = 0x00;
      cmdPacket_GetBleDevicePublicAddress[4] = 0x00;// Public Address Type


      However, whenever I try this after the Cmd_Init_Ble_Stack_Api() was successfully done, I can only get a signal of CYBLE_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER


      Since there is no problem to get those address in CySmt, I tried to also tried to set the same Random/Public Address with what I got in CySmt by myself, with a cmd packet to trigger Cmd_Set_Bluetooth_Device_Address_Api, however, still can only get CYBLE_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER.


      all of those command packets were sent after the Cmd_Init_Ble_Stack_Api() was successfully done.


      Could anyone tell me what did I miss to initial its address?


      How could I get the Random and Public Address?


      Thank you!