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    ADC Values in Hardware





      I'm not too familier with PSOC terminology yet, so I hope you can understand me:


      I'm using a PSOC 5 LP prototyping kit - the stick kind.


      How can I get the ADC values out of the ADC so I can use them in hardware?


      I think it might be better to draw a picture:




      To be clear: I've gone through the ADC to UART example. From my understanding of how PSOC works, this is not what I want.  From my understanding, the  main loop runs at about 1 KhZ, and I want to be able to access the full 1 MhZ ADC sampling rate.  From my understanding, if I want the full 1 MhZ, then I need to create everything in the top design file, not programatically.


      Am I under the correct understanding that whenever I enter something into Main(), it gets executed on the microcontroller portion of the chip?


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