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    creator hangs for nearly 5 minutes when I update .cysch file


      Hi all,




      I was wondering if anyone knows what's going on, if this is normal operation or what's wrong but I have been experiencing my creator hanging like clock work.  Whenever I had updated the .cysch file, regardless of the amount, it can be rerouting a wire or adding a pin/component.  It always gets stuck on "Clean Temporary File ..." for several minutes, and then goes ahead and finishes the job.


      If I have created a brand new project, I can edit the .cysch file a few times without this happening.




      I can edit the c code portion of the psoc just fine and it generates the files in a flash as normal.




      Is there any way I can fix this? its really annoying and tends to make an hour long programming session turn into 2+ hrs.




      thanks in advance,