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    PSoC 4 BLE SD Card



      I'm working on PSoC 4 BLE. I went through SD Card project in 100 projects in 100 days. I selected the device CY8C4247-LQI-483 it is showing an error message during build Error in component: cy_boot. The cy_boot_v3_40 component (cy_boot) is not compatible with the selected device. Please check the component datasheet for details on updating to a compatible component. what i need to do to make it compatible.

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          Just update the components is required. There is in Creator a menu entry and an icon on the status line at the bottom of the screen.





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            Thank You Bob,


            I got it. I want to ask you one more question which is that  if we want to store the data according to time interval, like 1hour data or two hour data so that if we want to take data from sd card we can take directly , SO what i need to do because in SD card i'm not getting this.

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              This looks like a datalogger project.


              You'll need an RTC to timestamp your measures and a means to set date & time on your board.


              A file-system for the SD (emFile)


              Some management to write and read/delete records from the measured data


              A connection which reads from your board (via BLE) which should also be used to set date & time


              Sounds complicated? A bit, but probably doable.


              When the production volume is rather small, you may consider to use your BLE-kit. This has got an 1Mbit FRam connected via I2C already on board





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                Yes this is a data logger. I created time & date stamping & temperature values part. Now want to store in SD card as i told you like according to time values then i'll transfer the values through BLE. But i'm stuck that how can i store the data according to time so that i can take this from sd card according to time slot which i need.

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                  There are several different approaches to store and retrieve indexed data within a file system. They all have in common: more or less complicated (mostly "more") So the very first question for you to consider is: Do you need to read the SD-Card on a computer or will you use it as a memory device / extension just to keep the data? In the latter case you can use a more simpler algorithm analog to sbrk() and/or malloc().





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                    Hello Bob,


                    I'm using SD Card as a storing device. But we are creating this for that purpose if we need data between 10-11am  then we can fetch the data thrugh SD card.

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                      So you need to do it the complicate way.


                      Write to sd:


                      open file on sd
                      write a record (struct)
                      flash and close file.


                      Because a BLE connection may break you will have take provisions for that case that during the data transmission the connection gets lost and the (complete) data has to be re-sent.


                      Question is if there are data collected during the transmission time.


                      Check out in advance: Does the emFile component / library fit onto your PSoC BLE together with the BLE module (flash Sram). Use optimization on files you do not need to debug.





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                        Ok Bob,


                        I'll try to do this way. Yes there are data collected during the transmission time.