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    I2C on PSOC 4 BLE pioneer board

      I'm trying to use an SCB I2C on the 4200 BLE pioneer board and after doing I2C_Start() it doesn't appear as though the I2C bus becomes "non-busy".  As a result, the first write never succeeds or completes.  The check for bus state below always comes back as busy (I2C_I2C_MSTR_BUS_BUSY).  I've hardwired a sensor onto the pioneer board at P3[0]:sda and P3[1]:scl pins and have those pulled up with external pullups.  I never see those signals driven low on a scope.  It's almost as though an internal status register is keeping the I2C component busy.  Thoughts?




      uint32 I2C_I2CMasterWriteBuf(uint32 slaveAddress, uint8 * wrData, uint32 cnt, uint32 mode)
          uint32 errStatus;
          errStatus = I2C_I2C_MSTR_NOT_READY;
          if(NULL != wrData)  /* Check buffer pointer */
              /* Check FSM state and bus before generating Start/ReStart condition */
                  I2C_DisableInt();  /* Lock from interruption */
                  /* Check bus state */
                  errStatus = I2C_CHECK_I2C_STATUS(I2C_I2C_STATUS_BUS_BUSY) ?
                                  I2C_I2C_MSTR_BUS_BUSY : I2C_I2C_MSTR_NO_ERROR;