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    PRoC BLE Bootloader OTA

      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to get the Bootloader over the air running with my CYBLE-022001-00.


      Now I realized that my normal application (without the bootloadable-component) already uses 94.4% of the available Ram.


      I guess this is why I'm getting errors when i put the bootloadable component in and try to compile.


      My question now is pretty basic, so I don't know exactly if this is the right forum, but I post it anyway:


      Can someone tell me where in my project I use all the ram??


      My project is still pretty small (ok, it uses the BLE-component, but this chip is made for this...), so I'm wondering how anyone would ever build a bootloadable application if this doesn't fit.


      Or maybe someone can tell me another error in my thinking, because i need this application to be bootloadable.




      I would really appreciate the help.


      Best regards,